Amoonic Jewellery July 30, 2019 at 8:11 am

Real jewelry for every budget and every taste of Nuremberg, the 14.08.201 – design oriented to people and their diverse needs. Also, whose tastes and preferences are as individual as the people, so different. Thousands of years ago, people with shells, animal teeth, rocks and beads decorated to emphasize your personality. Also today, jewelry serves his style to express. At, there are exclusive designer jewelry for every budget, every type and every occasion. Marc Lore brings even more insight to the discussion. 98 Euros, a piece of designer jewelry is available individually manufactured for the customer.

But also for luxury-oriented people, Amoonic offers a large portfolio of exclusive pieces of jewellery. Each piece of jewelry itself can be configured to meet the tastes of each. Up to 6 precious metals and 18 gems are selectable. In humans, jewelry serves as a decorative object. Especially women love to put it up with decorative accessories in scene. Jewellery not only emphasises the attractiveness, but represents also a certain importance in a society, like for example the Crown jewels of the British Royal family.

But even with a small budget, it is possible to attract attention. For beautiful jewelry need not be expensive. Amoonic shows that can be for all designer jewelry. The model Moonlight”is already available in 98 euros at and can be customized according to your taste. Various pieces of jewellery are available also for the medium price segment. The price depends on the choice of the precious metal and gemstone. “The ring of glorious Queen” has a special touch, which is available exclusively at Amoonic from 235 euro. The most expensive combination in 950 platinum 1039 euros. For the high price segment are a wide range of models to choose from. From elegant of classic to extravagant designer pieces, you will find it at Amoonic. The Pearl Cup ring”euros Platinum with diamonds in the precious metal studded 4339. In the best combination he is 351 To have the euro. As a woman, I know how important it is to have jewelry that fits to one and scene sets the outfit perfectly. Our jewellery pieces manufactured in Germany with much attention to detail and precision, Managing Director of Amoonic GmbH says Olga Dick. The shown pieces of jewellery designed by diploma jewelry designer Silke Radhakrishnan Hager. The 2011 founded company Amoonic has headquarters in Nuremberg. Amoonic is the premium brand in the online segment for high-quality real jewelry. The Amoonic GmbH transfers the desire of consumers for individual and unique products in the jewelry industry. The Amoonic GmbH was founded by Olga Dick, Sabine Beck, Martin Heubeck and Andreas SAH.

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