Average Education September 17, 2019 at 2:27 pm

Education of Organic Functions in the Third Year of Average Ensino by means of ' ' Cruzadas&#039 words; ' verton of the P. Saints Gezyel B. of Aquino Joo Landmarks S. Dos Santos Elber Ricardo. the Dos Santos Josevnia T. Guedes Lenalda Days Dos Santos INTRODUCTION: Currently, the application of new methodologies in the education of chemistry and other sciences is observed in the educational context.

They are created and obtain space of prominence in classrooms for making the act to learn next to the side learning, placing traditional education when the pupil was considered, only, a deposit of information. In accordance with Cabrera and Salvi (2005) to learn and to teach playing, enrich the vises of the world and the possibilities of relationship and fellowship, of socialization and exchange of experiences, knowledge of the other and respect to the differences and of reflection on the actions. The use of games, in this in case that crossed words, are of basic importance in the process of education learning, therefore supplies to greater dynamism to the lessons, it involves and it motivates the pupils, and it promotes a learning significant of a simple and relaxed form. Leaving of this estimated it had the necessity to create an education methodology where the pupils, felt motivated to learn as well as to awake the aguamento of abilities during education. This work has for objective to tell the use of crossed words as resource in the education of Organic Functions, in order to facilitate to the education process learning of the pupils. METHODOLOGY: For accomplishment of this activity two hours had been necessary/lesson, carried through during the period of curricular period of training of the Course of Licenciatura in Chemistry of the Pious College Tenth, in a public school of Aracaju-IF, with pupils of 3 series of Average Ensino. It was divided group in some teams and had distributed the contents between them, which would have to search and to present to the colleagues its agreement on the organic functions assigned they.

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