Black Moon April 21, 2020 at 5:18 pm

And if everyone did at that time will have children, people may never have the courage and strength to change their lives. The girl was upset to learn features of their relationship, and said that everything is running very well and no way back. Such a reaction is a manifestation of stereotypes and misconceptions about responsibility, a sense of duty and the manifestation of a protective reaction and fear change. Official site: Larry David. After all, hopes and plans diverge with the image of the future, hopes and illusions (which also shows the action of Black Moon). Despite the disappointment at the fact that the information received at odds with the hopes and desires of women, she can help her be more happy. All depends on the wisdom of the man himself and his choices. In fact, the main responsibility of the person – the right to dispose gave him life and his duty in the first place to ourselves – to be happy.

We can not make someone happy, because they do not know the true feelings, motives and desires of another person. But we are able to understand and sort out their true feelings and motives, and inner honesty with oneself – is also our duty. Operating from a false sense of duty (as I can "to bring a partner), we sacrifice ourselves and subsequently make to the partner set claims, believing that once we have sacrificed something, then he owes us And this is the cause of many problems that we create on their own. Having a negative outlook, we should not take hasty and radical actions.

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