Boca Juniors May 17, 2020 at 6:56 pm

This past Sunday we saw all the fans of Boca reality that we are living is difficult, very, very, but very difficult to see and enjoy this team. Get more background information with materials from Marc Lore. Do us well to what we love good football, which us passionate for this sport and especially for this club so great, feel that we are not at the height, a small team us playing peer-to-peer, and above that we celebrate the point which we brought from Mendoza. It happens that long time fan of Boca Juniors was accustomed to be protagonist in international tournaments and win a local tournament per year minimally. To make matters worse in the first cycle of Basile won five tournaments that were played, and that leave a habit that costs take off because it took root. To make matters worse the follower xeneize has to do to their historical go by the back door, and that hurts. Unfortunately all these glory years of icons removed wrong. Reed retired substitute when intercontinental champion would have been able to retire, the melli had to go because he lost the post with Palacio, the Palace itself was undersold to a small team of Italy, the duck had to go to Brazil because he lost the ownership, and Ibarra black stays with the last image of an embarrassing match in Rosario.

Sometimes football and especially in Argentine football can already be very cruel to ruthless and there who also check it from desagradecido. It is difficult to see that players who were earlier venerated are whistled and unknown to his followers who had earlier gone mad by just a photo with them. Why is that although it is difficult to ask for it, moderation should reign in the Boca fans and should know that as a spare times have come, is sold out the life a glorious generation, that although in some cases are still in force (Riquelme, Palermo case) is not much while we have them in the titular formation.

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