Brazilians May 21, 2020 at 11:11 pm

Hamond foresees the death of 1 the 2 slaves per day. Days later it comments that 200 of the best slaves had been stolen during the night. With this episode it manifest incredulity of that the government really wanted to abolish the traffic, therefore the treated one was sufficiently disagreeable for the Brazilians. Worse it is that a Brazilian judge accused to the English for the robbery enslaved them. Hamond characterizes the Brazilian ministers as salafrrios. Later it tells that the Minister of the Foreign affairs, one such of Aureliano was accused as responsible by the robbery enslaved them. It tells in 10 of February that had, in the Bahia, one raises of slaves who resulted in the death of 60 of them during the violent repression of the local government.

He sees yourself for the story that situation was not very pacific in the empire with regard to the order escravocrata. Another interesting fact told by the English officer is its meeting with the emperor, where it describes that ' ' He is a boy of 10 years with a pleasant appearance. It was dress of uniform blue and gold, white pants and moored to a sword enorme' '. In this episode, relative to the commemoration of the anniversary of the constitution, some officers and when describing one of them, if the thus express British were gifts: ' ' An official mulato of the army, had the aspect of an immense baboon and, really, it only lacked rabo&#039 to it; '. He observes yourself for the description that depending on the social status and economic, did not have difficulty of access of the mestizos to the high military steps and not even in the cut. What it is sufficiently ackward is the racist form with that the English if related the people of African origin. Another curious fact is the commentaries that makes on the women, mainly with regard to teeth.

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