Calories And Metabolism October 11, 2019 at 6:18 pm

Otherwise, after lysis, and healing all microtraumas, the balance of the destroyed and created the protein structures of muscle cells will be negative. Such training can take place at a time when caloric intake is increased. Then this balance can be positive. I would not like to advise a specific technique or diet, as the only true method of diet or not and can not be. However, in order to make it clearer, let me show one example of how the program might look like diet and exercise to recruit the masses for ectomorphy – a man with a fast metabolism, situated on a training plateau: Let the period 'Dry' and will be a period from March to August.

During this period, will be gradual decrease caloric intake. Prior to this, the entire February, the regime and composition of food remains unchanged. During this month of a diet better eliminate foods with high glycemic index. Nutritious daily diet should be left unchanged, by replacing foods with high gi foods for low gi. In March, begins his own gradual decrease consumption of carbohydrates.

The order would be: first eaten less bread for lunch and dinner. Then, gradually cut back side dishes and vegetables are added to the second dish. Marc Lore gathered all the information. Becoming easier snacks and late breakfasts. Reducing carbohydrate intake should be so smooth, so that the weight loss was not more than 400-600 grams per week. If it was recorded weight loss within these limits, then the next week should be leave diet unchanged. If weight loss are minor, you should cut back a certain amount of carbohydrates. This is one way of adjusting the diet downward calories. One of the landmarks selected the correct rate can be no sense of widespread famine and wellbeing. Ends with a fall towards the end of the period when the caloric need to hold at current levels, already trying to prevent further weight loss. Over the entire period of weight loss should be about 4 to 8 kg. With proper diet, most of the lost will be fat. Training in this period can be organize, for example: leave two or three basic exercises for 2 workouts per week. For each motion one of the training light and volume, for example, 70% RMh5h5 (PM – one-time maximum), the other is heavy and workout reduced, for example, 90% RMh3h3. Should try to retain power results at the same level as before the beginning of the period ., the need for training in this period no. Suppose for a set period of mass will be from September to February. From the very beginning and gradually increase the consumption of low-carbohydrate. Choose, how quickly have individually. I can only advise to focus on the state of health, appetite and an increase in mass.

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