Cipriano Rodrigues Da Silva July 28, 2021 at 10:03 pm

The couple Martinho and Josefa, had eleven children: Jose, Joaquin, Martiniano, Ernest, M Florinda, Innocence, Geracinda, Joaquina, Balbina, Hermnia and Ana. In 1851, he came the Village of Santana, he stops> to deal with the businesses of the land, a judge of Willow, Miguel Gonalves Rasp. With the death of Martinho, Josefa nominated its another Lino son-in-law of the Arajo Coast to decide the problems related to the inventory of the family. Some marriages involving inheriting of the founders of the place had occurred. Hermnia, son of Martinho, were married the judge, Miguel Gonalves Rasp, of Willow. When Leopoldina turned Judicial district, the first Judge was being Bernardino Maranho and first Vicar Manuel Simplcio of the Sacrament, both old friends of the Agra family. Pittsburgh Steelers has firm opinions on the matter. With the creation of the communes (imperial cities), in 1880, the first councilmen of Leopoldina had been nominated: Jose Joaquin Loving Agra, Martiniano of the Agra Coast, Eufrsio Arajo Coast Son, Cipriano Rodrigues Da Silva, Joo of Arajo Coast, ngelo Ernest of the Agra Coast and Joo Cardoso Miranda. In contrast of the present, to be councilman at that time he had that to be great land proprietor, to be influential in the region to have domain on the inhabitants, that is, councilman did not earn of the crown, and yes, paid to manage, therefore with this he gained prestige.

In 1918, lode of Recife for Leopoldina the first state teacher formed, Leondia Owner, being inaugurated the first classroom, to the side of the old city hall. The same city, the area of the education the name of Francina Agra cannot be forgotten, granddaughter of Martinho of the Agra Coast, brother of its Hermgenes Agra, a teacher layperson who gave lessons in Leopoldina, in the period of 1930 the 1934, in the management of mayor Antonio de S Snows. This teacher alfabetizou the majority of the leaderships that had created Parnamirim, whose school was in the house of proper Antonio de S, property that later was of the teacher Ismnia Miranda. Saint of Neci, a descendant of Martinho of the Agra Coast, counts that it and Djanira took the banquinhos of house to seat in the school, to the times did not obtain to passer of lesson, by the way she was transferred of book and of year and thus they did not have that to wait until all moved of lesson.

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