College Athletes September 10, 2019 at 5:33 pm

If you are a serious athlete, with the possibility of being recruited for your sport in college, is likely to spend most of their summers in the field or in the gym, where coaches will have the opportunity to connect. The fields of sports and workshops are great for serious student athletes, this is the way forward to achieve entry into the university level athletics. Before leaving for summer vacation, I also recommend asking your school reading list for next year English and history. From his early reading is a great way to get a push in the task of next year. Also, from its list of summer reading, will help you get a deeper understanding of assigned material: When you revisit the summer reading during the school year, you will be familiar with the basic story and therefore be able to do a better analysis of the text.

Also, if you decide to stay in his hometown during the summer, colleges will love to see that school year continues its community service activities through the summer months. Do summer: # 1: CAMP. Unless you are a focused athlete and you are attending a sports camp, summer camp and camping trips should end before the summer before ninth grade. The only exception to this rule is if a student has the opportunity to take a leadership role as the CIT, and even then, the summer before ninth grade should be the last year in camp. Universities are not looking for experts in the arts of s’more-making and Spin the Bottle!

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