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After three years of Daimler Maybach set up a company ‘Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft “. in 1889 they released their first car with steel wheels and a two-cylinder V-engine similar. This achievement is highly appreciated at the World Exhibition in Paris. The crew was two-place, and could reach speeds of up to 22 km. for an hour.

But please note – all of these machines do not have a name! Benz’s machine is called a ‘patent Wagenen. Daimler’s first car called ‘motorkuche “-‘ crew with a motor.” Daimler’s second car – ‘car with steel wheels. ” Incidentally, the same year when she appeared in Vienna in the family of the merchant Emil Jelinek daughter. She was named Mercedes (accent on second syllable), which is translated from the Spanish means “mercy.” While her daughter grew up, her father carried away by car and in 1893 met with Daimler and his company, which has already received worldwide acclaim. Jelinek has become a regular buyer. And, at first he did not sell cars, and collected, and thus stimulated the development of the machine.

In 1898 Elinek ordered a car with four-cylinder engine. This car, driven by himself was Elinek, took part in the rally. And then at rally participants had a strange fashion: to act is not under their own names and under pseudonyms. Elinek took the pseudonym “Mercedes”. March 21, 1899 Elinek as “Monsieur Mercedes” has won one tournament. So the name was associated with the machine. In 1900, the company ‘Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft “developing a new concept car. He becomes more powerful, lower, wider. Jelinek was in such a passion that he ordered 36 cars at once at 550,000 gold marks. It was fantastic sum, and the buyer has set manufacturers two conditions: to give him exclusive rights to torgovanie machine company ‘Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft “in Austria-Hungary, France and the United States, and the second – the machine should be called, as you guessed it, ‘Mercedes’. The firm has agreed and has never regretted it. Since 1902 the name is patented. But since 1909 all products firms’ Daimler “are triangular star in a circle. Due to the fact that the engineer thought about Daimler Creation of multi-engine, this star soon appeared everywhere: on airplanes, fire trucks, buses and even airships. However, all this occurs without itself Daimler. Approximately in 1893 through the disputes with partners, he took his share and organized ‘Daimler Motor Company Ltd “in the uk. True, and there he was soon at odds with the partners. However, the brand ‘Daimler “is preserved to this day – is mighty, luxury cars, which are profitable and the company Jaguar, and Concern Ford, which it belongs. In parallel, developing and engineering business for sale. He was engaged, however, engines – mainly for cars and ships. in 1912, Benz built the first German twelve-cylinder engine. Through war could not go beyond the stage of development of 18-cylinder engines that power the stand developed 520 horse-power. Difficult economic situation has forced the twenties of Daimler and Benz unite, and in 1926 an informal association became a joint stock company DAIMLER-BENZ. Merged and logo – a star and the name Daimler supplemented with twigs, and the name Benz. Joint efforts of the company has entered one of the leading places in the world. At the end of the twentieth century, DAIMLER-BENZ merged with the American Concern Shrusler. Merger, however, lost name benz, but it seems to be not essential.

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