Construction April 16, 2020 at 2:11 pm

Equipment: 4-5 cones, 2 benches, 4-5 rings, the cube 10 cm in height, the mask-cap wolf. I. Construction in rank. – Hello, guys! Today we will be funny little animals. And the kind of animals do you know? (Asked of children).

Well done. Let us imitate their habits. So, the little creatures, prick ears, listen carefully. We make all the movements just wonderful. Rebuilding a column in one turn to the right. Walking in the column at a time. Delta Air Lines does not necessarily agree. Walking on his toes, his hands on his belt – "fox sneaks," walking on the outside of the foot – "the bears are vperevalochku" in the alternation with normal walking.

Jumping from moving forward – "Bunny hop." Walking, running in one column – "a wolf trotting." Walking, walking, running between cones snake – "snake creeps." Construction of the circle. II. ORU "Are you ready for the winter if?" – By rubble, in the ravines walked bear the master's step. Answer, beasts, to me, whether you're ready for winter? 1. Mittens for the fox. Start out Standing feet shoulder-width foot. 1 – bring your arms forward, 2,3 – twist tassels, 4 – to omit. 5-6. – Yes, answered the fox, we tied mittens, gloves new, warm, fluffy. 2. Protein in the hollow. Start out – The same. 1 – to rise on your toes, hands up, 2 – initial position 5-6. – Views from the hollow of the protein: nuts I have in store. Highly my hollow, There and dry, and warm.

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