De Gaulle January 19, 2014 at 4:38 am

While in captivity, he tried to escape five times, but unsuccessfully. In captivity, he studied German language, he taught Russian to French prisoners of war, he worked in a library, lectures, which later formed the basis of his book 'Discord among the enemy. " The striking irony: one of his 'pupils' in captivity was coming Red Marshal In 1919 in the French military mission was sent to Poland and took part in the Polish-Soviet war. After the war, in 1921, the former commander of the recollected a former slave, was held the resumption of relations with the former commander of Henri Philippe Petain – now marshal and hero of France. In May 1922, Charles de Gaulle, his exams and was enrolled in higher military school.

After graduating from the Higher Military School in 1925 Petain took de Gaulle in his personal staff, he was charged with examining the future of military operations (long term) and consider the general problem of military philosophy. In December 1927 de Gaulle was promoted to the rank and post of commander of the battalion and went to Trier, Germany, whose western bank of the Rhine under the Versailles peace treaty has been under the control of the French armed forces. De Gaulle immediately proceeded to the combat training battalion and established a strict discipline. However, he paternally watching the lives of their subordinates. True, the orders of superiors, he served with great reluctance and with difficulty took them to criticism. De Gaulle was never returned to the headquarters Petain.

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