Decorations For An Office August 29, 2019 at 3:41 am

When companies conduct corporate psychological training, one of the points common test is to ask employees to describe their office: the location of rooms and furniture, wall color, the decorations in the office. As a rule, little who is at fault, telling "topography" office, but that's about interior design can tell not many: garbles wall color, pattern carpet layout diplomas. If the walls in an office decorated with paintings, then detail for you to remember that they represented, can only those who really like the picture or do not like. This is the last observation, and it seemed to us curious. One would think, why waste money on decorations walls, if the majority of employees do not identify anything that is one meter away from the desktop, and that does not bear the functional load? However, the "useless", but beautiful things create a general atmosphere of coziness, and if they like employees, do not merge into a single indifferent background, which then can not remember.

Say, few of the interviewed staff forgets to mention the flowers and mirrors, if they are present in the office. So, shall examine critically wall. The most common decoration for them – a painting or photography, the main drawback of which is that they hang a "long and forever." They are difficult to add anything, because then the geometry of the arrangement violated paintings. If your office walls are still empty, but you want to fix it is better to use as an attachment is not the individual cloves, a string that stretched from the ceiling, from which, on a thin wire may go down several frames.

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