Denese HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing July 8, 2020 at 2:19 am

Increases the moisture binding improves the elasticity of the skin pigment disorders seem softened, and prevents new. Dr. Denese HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing face serum – moisturizing facial serum 30 ml, UK: 59,75 EUR light and extremely moisturizing serum is based on latest technologies of medical research. Get tide tables Ceramides hold together the cell structure of the uppermost layer of the skin and form a system of protection from drying out. Soy and vitamin have a smoothing effect, provide protection against free radicals, and supply the skin with moisture.

Retinol regulates keratinisation of the skin and regenerates. A deficiency of vitamin A in the skin is indeed trigger for dry skin, scales and folds. The contained lipids can be recorded easily from the skin. The combination of soy, Ceramides and retinol can appear smooth wrinkles on the surface, in the depth of the skin donating intense moisture. Dr. Denese HydroShield dream cream – hydrating “Day care 50 ml, UK: 39.75 euros this cream is an intelligent” care.

She has a balancing effect – dry places are provided intensive, oily or combination skin, she looks mattierend. Through the intensive moistening of the skin a lift adjusts itself: lines and wrinkles appear smoothed, dry, brittle skin looks smoother and a more youthful appearance. The moisture in the skin long maintained by the depot effect. With the main ingredients of retinol, Ceramides and lipids. Dr. Denese Firming Facial Age Corrector cream – firming night cream 50 ml, UK: 43.50 euros this night care supports the regeneration process of the skin, makes solid and smooth facial contours and improves elasticity and resilience by encouraging the formation of elastin and collagen. The Actizone firming factor developed by Dr. Adrienne Denese is composed of a balanced combination of CENTELLA asiatica, Rosemary, olive extract and glycolic acid, retinol, sugar corn oil. Dr. Denese Wrinkle RX extreme retinol eye gel with Stem BiotechnologieTM & Pro peptide FaktorTM 15 ml, UK: 39.75 euros this gel-like eye care on basis of stabilized vitamin C, Retinol and stem cells technology resembles visible signs of premature aging of the eye area wrinkles, loss of moisture, crows feet or eye shadow.

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