English Pilots August 1, 2022 at 1:26 pm

Jeppesen and Atlantic flight training prepare students with their ATPL manuals solid on their examination to the airline pilots before those who opt for the airliner guide licensing, has a long theoretical way to go your way, but this license brings a huge responsibility with it. The learning material ranges from meteorology and navigation through technical expertise, instrument flight, flight planning and aviation law dealing with confounding factors such as pressure drop or icing. The list goes on and yet succeeded in flight training Jeppesen and Atlantic, to bundle their competences and to issue a complete textbook series, which systematically and comprehensively prepared students for their exams. Concentrated Know-How for airline transport pilot: 4,000 informative pages, the Jeppesen JAA ATPL manuals are a theory course created after the latest learning objectives of JAA for the ATPL (A). According to Aron Warner, who has experience with these questions. The entire curriculum is included in 15-bound, English-language books and includes a total of around 4,000 Pages including numerous explanatory illustrations in each volume. Who thinks about buying this informative standard work, should rely on the pilots for generations to know: best quality at a fair price is there at Siebert. The Solarix around everything useful for pilots and Flugbegeisterte offers the volumes separately or as a complete set.

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