English Scent August 24, 2019 at 2:56 am

These particles or rafts are carrying of human scent, being surrounded by bacteria and secretion steam different like they are the sweat and the fat that certain cutaneous glands spill to the outside. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Frank Ntilikina and gain more knowledge.. The glands sudorparas (ecrinas) they are the people in charge of the sweat, activate as a result of the heat and hands Las Palmas of and plant of the feet predominate in. I have to clarify that although the scent of the sweat is really specific in each individual, the rescue dog will really identify and respond to that odorfera composition that is characteristic and common to all human being. The glands apocrinas, considered like a species of modified glands sudorparas, are driven mainly as a result of stress and the fear, having generated its secretions a scent that is especially important for the pick up by the sense of smell of the dog. They are located in armpits, English essentially and mammary aureoles. Also the scent of the tallow that lubricates the surface of our body comprises of the odorfero compound that surrounds to rafts. The sebaceous, abundant glands secrete this fat in the hairy leather, in front, face and chin.

I will add finally that the scent of the air breathed by the buried victim, also arrives at the surface accompanying to the emitted one by rafts. The dog of rescue in rubbish will have to become accustomed itself progressively to realise the search of the victims venteando and not raking, because to follow the existing human signs in the zone of the wreck it would only take to him to turn aside itself of his authentic objective. On the other hand it must consider that the intensity degree whereupon arises from the rubbish the center of human scent is one of the factors that affect the signaling to the dog, so that odorfera concentration will urge an elevated it to signalize with but impetus, but this concentration is weak or it appears in brief sporadic stages, it will stimulate this signaling to a lesser extent (to bark, to investigate,) a dog is considered that it is venteando when continues smelling the scent that is floating, transported by the wind, and raking when it is dedicated to perceive the basic scent of the land (sometimes mixed with the individual scent) with the truffle level with ground.

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