First Aid For Burns February 4, 2020 at 8:26 am

Burn pretty serious injury, so you need to know first aid burn victims. First we need to extinguish a burning in the affected clothing. A related site: Comedian mentions similar findings. This can be done with water or covered with a flame at hand means such as a jacket, canvas, it will prevent the flow of oxygen to the burning clothes and put out the flames. If a person rushes into a panic then it must stop, as during the movement of the hearth fire goes more air and natural light increases. With the victim as soon as possible to relieve the remnants of burning or smoldering of clothing.

Place burn immediately cooled since even after the fire and smoldering remnants Clothing damage continues to spread due to strong heating already burned tissues. Cool the place you can burn with water, snow or ice, normally dostatochno10-15 minutes. Lubricate the burn different means immediately after the burn is impossible, as this reduces heat transfer from the affected places, and as a consequence of failure increases. Various Burns means to accelerate the healing of burns, such as sea buckthorn oil is used a little later. Chill charred body parts need to gently remove clothing from the victim, to put in place burn aseptic dressing (sterile cloth, bandage) and bring the victim in the nearest hospital. When the steam burns suffered immediately oblitholodnoy water, then carefully remove the clothing as this can seriously damage the burned skin and tissue.

Best clothes cut scissors and remove piece by piece. First-degree burns are characterized by only pain and redness of the skin, such burns are not necessarily apply dressings, enough to cool the affected area with water. The victim with deep and extensive burns need pain medication, it should be given warm drinks and wrap up. In the case of chemical burns the skin surface should be rinsed in running water for 10-15 minutes. Lime burn, on the contrary, it is impossible Rinse with water, quicklime, wash them with vegetable oil. Need to remove all traces of lime, and then apply a gauze bandage. Acid burns washed two percent solution of baking soda, and alkaline – a weak solution of citric acid. After that, the same should apply to the affected area and a sterile bandage to deliver the victim to hospital.

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