Fishing Information January 15, 2020 at 4:18 am

First of all, fishing – a great holiday. Especially nice if fishing is becoming a bit of chance with elements of athletic competition, this makes fishing a variety of positive emotions in everyday zhizn.V summer, I often swim in a boat on one of the many lakes, which is closest to my cottage. Sailing close to the reeds, I noticed that the wall of reeds fed a lot of fish. But, is it possible to catch it of these thickets? Still, the fish catch in the reeds is possible. How? It's easy! Near the reeds need to remove the grass, but it should be done at a depth where some half a meter, meter, enough. The distance between these holes will depend on many factors, but I basically do the distance in ten to fifteen meters. As for the number, I make about 10 of these openings.

And fish need feeding. It is best to cook the potatoes and soak it with millet. For greater efficiency can be goroh.Snast add that I apply for a catch, better do it myself. Rod, usually, I take the Bologna inertialess coil fitted and set in a special cock made out of plastic butylki.Vplotnuyu the hook (the number of eight or ten on the national numbering) on the line fixed a few pellets. The result is something akin to mormyshku for fishing in the windows of reeds. Nozzles are usually mastyrka, boiled potatoes, manure chervi.Esli during fishing float tackle freshwater fish such as crucian carp, or for a long time "enjoying" the bait, then the bite is enough rezko.Sleduet remember that carp are very strong fish and it happens that it is very difficult to remove. But if the fisherman is armed with a good tackle, the chances to get lucky, "the tail" greatly increased! Everyone, be he a novice angler or fisherman amateur, will really enjoy this method of catching big fish! Try it – you will not regret it!

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