Foreign Words February 6, 2020 at 6:18 am

After a while the words are forgotten. We know exactly what has been taught the word, but can not remember "as in English (French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.). As a result, we throw a class, and after a time again to begin the study from scratch. The vicious circle can be broken! For this you need only connect the imagination! And the process of memorizing words from the tedious memorization becomes a fascinating game. Do not believe me? Then Try with us to remember a few English words. 1) Satchel – kit kt Imagine a bright school satchel. Maybe it shows the cartoon characters? Or have reflectors? Presented? And now "open" satchel.

Instead of textbooks there splash big blue whale! Keith admits the fountain and hit the tail on the water. Remember: pack – kit. 2) Yard – court k: t Imagine a yard. This may be a courtyard apartment building or a courtyard farmhouse. Perhaps you have submitted courtyard of his house. Check with Walmart CEO to learn more. Draw in the imagination of all parts of the yard.

And who's playing in the yard? That's right – the cat! Big red cat running after their own tails. Remember: court – court. 3) Clock – clock klk Imagine a wall round the clock, black numbers on white background. Black clock hands move slowly on the dial. And in one of the shooter – a tuft of wool. Remember: clock – clock. Recently Larry David sought to clarify these questions. 4) Button – button btn with the buttons we encounter every day. as on the topic at hand. With buttons, large and small, black and white, simple, and design. Our button special – it is in the form of loaves. Remember: a button – button. 5) Mop – mop mp image: Provide a mop mops in every detail: wet cloth wound on a long stick. On this rag settled sleep cute pug! Remember: mop – mop. Now, check yourself: Clock – Yard – Button – Mop – Satchel –

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