Grammar January 22, 2019 at 7:33 am

The same behavior is used in relation to the professors and schools: they are impersonal, deriving projects of other states, other realities, without the minimum contextualizao, approved in the cupola of the state education and that they arrive intempestively at the classrooms. With the same rapidity that comes if they go, and the education continues the same one. The same if it can say in the way with that the schools receive these projects: they dissimulate that its methodologies accepted, inspections dissimulate that they inspect, certify that everything goes well, but in the truth they nor arrive close to reaching its objectives. What to make so that this moves? How to implant real projects, for real contexts, real schools, real pupils, in this fantasiosa reality and fugaz? Our more mentally ill, unprepared pupils each time for vestibular contests, Olimpadas de Matemtica, PAEBES, BRAZIL TEST, ENEM and other forms of evaluation. The more if he evaluates more if he proves that our pupils are without content, at least do not know to read and to interpret texts. We believe that the only solution is to create projects contextualizados with each pertaining to school community, and to enable professors more each time. But to really enable, with exchange of content, exchange of real experiences, mainly with the communities and the cities. It seems each time more than this exchange of experiences takes to a pressure of the government in relation to the professors schools.

E in them also seems, that in the hour to select professionals for the education has to have a bigger rigorosidade, therefore we have few professionals specialized in areas as physical, chemical, and mathematics. Sam Mikulak is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Without speaking in professors of Portuguese and foreign language, who do not read, nor they say the language, but they teach the grammar. Since to teach he is to give example, and he is with example that if he educates, because professors read so little? Because in the school, that would have to be surrounding of study and concentration, he exists as much noise, as much racket and as much invasion of privacy? Few are the silence moments where if it can study or talk on subjects of real interests for the culture.

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