Grand Master May 20, 2020 at 6:56 pm

In this case it is a natural characteristic, unusual personal modesty. Helena has always tried to stay in the shadows, avoiding meetings with press. With that role and its importance for the whole family were great. For Nicholas Roerich was druginey and Lada. It's her he dedicated his film "leading." And several others. Sons in front of her awed.

That unparalleled experience on the planet with a spatial light which she conducted under the guidance of Grand Master, the Lord Maitreya Shambhala Mahatma Morya. The experience that today, after many decades is a mystery not only for the masses, but for the most influential among his contemporaries the pillars of science. Humanity is only suited to the first attempts of assimilation of the Great Teaching. Teaching, which gave for the benefit of all human woman, who became his Mother. And it is deeply symbolic, because it is filled with light and Motherhood creation, beauty, love and ambition. All the grandeur and importance for us and for future generations of that made this woman, to fully appreciate the future. Today, it is safe to say that in all aspects of its operations, its life may be called in one word – feat. Today on the eve of her birthday (February 13, 1879 years), thinking about her, about her artistic heritage left by so generous, with full self-sacrifice and selflessness in front of her mentally genuflect. Not much has been given to understand today, but all without exception, who will live in the future, the price of this achievement. If at all the feat may have a price, it is only in the grateful memory of gratitude and eternal love children.

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