Helena Aramendia June 12, 2019 at 10:48 am

Third party. That you are thinking that the next point is that we meditate, you have no right. It would be great, and for who has habit of meditating, this is a good occasion; but would also like to say that the road to find the good things life is only for those who meditate. On the contrary, I intend to avoid doctrines and simplify the way, and I think that everyone can worry less and be happier, which both meditate as those who do not. So the next step is to remember a series of facts that the fact of being certain, raise our vibration when we remember them and regodeamos them. For example: 1.-I’m alive (a) and I’m happy for this reason.

2. I am agradecid @ by _____ (put here everything you want, and feel that thanks)(toma todo el tiempo que necesites y disfruta cada segundo). 3 Love to _____ (family, friends, couples, even pets have a place in this line.) Don’t forget to us make us also)(de nuevo toma_te tu tiempo y disfruta). 4. I cannot change the world but I can change I. 5. Do not I can choose what I but I can choose how I react to it.

6. Lessons are used to grow, learn and improve. 7. The problems cannot be resolved in the same framework in which have been created, so the I can see everything more clearly when you look at it from a different prespective. For those who have religious or spiritual beliefs, there are a number 8. 8 Am open @ to receive aid and guide _ (this is the line for your angels, guides, teachers, or divinities depending on your beliefs) for my highest good and everyone. (important note: If you have problems with any of the above points, then if we have problems, so we can forget about what concerned us before.) Already. We have already pressed the button. If we are able to feel all the above points (not just read them) we are better able to deal with situations that are presented to us. The reason is that these steps are examples of actions that lead us to raise our vibration, to balance the functioning of our chakras which are the doors that we metabolizamos the energy around. When that happens, is easier to access resources more creative, more innovative solutions and ideas more practices for enfrentarmos to day to day. We are better able to differentiate a real problem for unnecessary concern and act accordingly. From this mental and emotional state, we can stop worrying so no solution, and deal in a practical way so yes it has. And with regard to what makes us suffer, we will also be in a better position to reject the suffering that does not belong to us and overcome that we cannot avoid. I hope this small guide simplified I find useful. Of course, us there is always the option of calling a friend @ to help us. Whether you are the direct users as if you’re friends responsible for remembering the way, I would love that I escribierais to tell me if it has been useful to you or not. Helena Aramendia. The total or partial reproduction permitted provided that the author and the source are mentioned. Original author and source of the article.

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