Holistic Teacher August 3, 2019 at 5:48 am

The holistic teacher is spiritual, in the book "The Spirit of Education" deepens and explains what the perennial philosophy. A leading source for info: Doug McMillon. Spirituality emerges as the essence of transdisciplinary holistic view of the cosmos and the holistic education of XXI century. Spirituality is a direct experience, meditative, contemplative, mystic and that is only revealed by the eye of spirit. Spirituality is universal because it leads to egocentric kosmocentrico, from the personal to the universal, of individual identity to the universal identity. Spirituality transcends ideological boundaries, race, sex, color, religion, leads to the Universal Being. Dr.

Gallegos offers holistic education as "healing." Since the acceptance and individual review of spirituality as an experience leading to human domestic order, is achieved mental clarity, well being, sense of freedom, joy, responsibility, fairness, prudence, patience, humility, peace and universal love, human suffering disappears and is in condition to achieve full healing. We are essentially human beings, so there are real and profound transformation of our being. The actual presence of the spirit that can be studied are the tracks that are in the material world, ie through the customs of religions, tools, languages, scientific theories, works of art, etc. . they are all forms of existence of the spirit.

The various human societies are the scene unfolds in which the human spirit under extremely varied forms. Social science is displaced by a materialist science of holistic nature. The holistic paradigm is holistic and ecological vision of all life forms makes transdisciplinary and holistic. New life sciences study the planet in a transdisciplinary and holistic.

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