Importance November 14, 2018 at 9:41 am

Anyone who makes sport know the important thing is to hydrate and be well fed while you exercise. Especially if it is a little demanding. When we do athletics, cycling although not get to be professionals, if we travel considerable distances we need to take care of what we drink and eat. Why we must always carry with us bars and energy drinks, such as the High5, which help us to not suffer a pajara. Sport, in this case we do not mean the elite, is quite healthy.

When we practice, especially if we maintain the habit during a season, we are better. And not just physically, emotionally also. It is quite proven that physical health and mental van United, so caring for one will be looking after the other. But the sport to enforce this role to which we have referred, the make us feel better in a broad sense, must maintain a series of guidelines. On the one hand, as we have said, kept at the time. If we are going to run (for example) one day per month of shortly we will serve. We must be constant, make us a calendar of the days a week which we will leave to run and carry it out.

It should not be something that we do when we do not have something better to do in our spare time. We must maintain the rigor that needs any major activity. (Similarly see: Marc Lore). But, on the other hand, we also need to maintain certain liturgy while we perform the exercise. In the former case, we should warm up a little before and after to avoid possible muscle problems; We must avoid running on the Central hours of the day when making too much heat to reduce the risk of fainting. And similarly, we will have to try to be well hydrated and nourished. Of course that is not the same go to the gym that do athletics, cycling and triathlon. Neither nor go 10 miles than 50, but you always have to be careful and should follow the advice above, for our own benefit.

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