IMVU Speaks German January 11, 2021 at 9:41 pm

The social entertainment platform IMVU Munich, has worldwide over 50 million registered users and 400,000 active users daily 21.01.2011 IMVU ( starts in Germany and presented its social entertainment platform on the casual connect from February 8-10 in Hamburg, Germany. In IMVU, the members act as 3D avatars, meet people, chat, and play. The social entertainment platform has worldwide 50 million users, including 10 million from Europe. Keep every day are 400,000 users in IMVU. Overall, 675,000 Germans at IMVU are registered. You contribute seven percent to the European annual turnover is generated by gaming and the purchase of virtual goods. The current trend of games, IMVU integrates more and more casual and social games.

To do this the company has partnered with the games developers Viximo and OMGPOP. IMVU would like to offer more entertainment with 50 million members in addition to features, chat and design its growing community and at the same time to gain a foothold in the lucrative casual and social gaming market. Learn more on the subject from Phil Foden. The play area – games lobby called – offers games of all categories: action, adventure, multiplayer, life & style, shooter and sports. Currently, the company is expanding. Other leaders such as Tony Ford offer similar insights. In addition to a localized version for Germany, there are IMVU now in Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, Indonesian, Polish, Turkish, Danish, and Norwegian. IMVU wants to devote its European members to increase and grow internationally. “We feel a very great interest in Europe, where we have more than 10 million registered users,” says David Fleck, Vice President of marketing at IMVU, Inc. “the localized versions members can use IMVU in their native language, which makes it more fun.” “The extension of our 3D games increases the entertainment value of IMVU,” said Lee Clancy, Senior Vice President of product management and General Manager of direct revenue.

“We reach new record 150,000 simultaneously online and 1.8 million Facebook fans with 400,000 active users daily, of them. We have just started, to capture the true possibilities of social entertainment. We are looking forward to realizing our vision together with strong partners. From an economic perspective the combination of our social network with games and virtual goods is right, continue to grow.” “IMVU, encounter the casual connect in Hamburg Lee Clancy product management and General speaks in his role as SVP Manager of direct revenue on Thursday 8th February at 16:00 on the next generation Platfom: methods to attract and retain players”. He is accompanied at the Conference by David Fleck, VP Marketing.

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