Indigo Child December 12, 2019 at 2:18 am

And what to do, since a new era of changing the rules of the game, we have yet to learn … The public still does not allow for such children and their strengths and weaknesses we learn from journalists covering the interview this topic. Indigo Child can be recognized in the third year of life: a thoughtful look, not typical of normal children, the possibility of spontaneous clairvoyance and other psychic abilities, which manifest themselves from time to time (in Later they take a stable form), their self-righteousness and a complete absence of adult authority; isolation among their peers … In dealing with such a child requires a special approach. He literally sense to chew a lot of things, because, think big, it practically does not understand many of the everyday stuff. You can not just change clothes a child, it always requires you to explain what exactly you do not like his current outfit.

Why you frown when the sun is shining in the sky? And why yell at him when he just said that your attire is old? .. Directness of these children in the blood, they do not recognize false, repudiate any of its manifestation. Charm they also can not be sensitive to human emotions, these children can easily see through any insincerity. Clerk will not tolerate a dictatorship and tone, so it is best to refrain from their appearance, communicating with them neutral tone and appealing to the intellect. Believe me, correctly chosen tactics the way to success in dealing with such a child. Speak the truth always, or automatically will be enrolled in the camp of the enemy.

Believe me, the sense of justice for these children phenomenal, and if something in the conversation will cause his dissatisfaction, but will be based on truthful facts, sooner or later, he admits that he was wrong. What is strange, so full awareness of these children on topics such as: – where do babies come from – what is death – emerged as the world (and here their knowledge has nothing to do with the scientific theory) – which is beyond the solar system, and which extraterrestrial civilizations live there (what the kids tell, only now beginning to find evidence for scientists) and many others. etc. For them the world is not a mystery, it is open and transparent. People admire the extraordinary abilities of children who are normal in the ordinary course of life Indigo. This is truly talented representatives of the human race by many factors. Their creativity knows no bounds, more importantly time to identify what in the child's tendency to find the greatest teacher. It is true there may cause difficulty of another kind – simple laziness, that the child simply does not want to overcome. So try to find motivation for it, and then winning will be on your side …

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