Ipsos Institute April 3, 2020 at 11:33 am

We cannot nor if it wants to understand the reason of if catching an airplane to travel for Spain being that I can go for Argentina of car. We can think until Canada, for having as languages the English and the Frenchman, is next England or France. In recent months, Walmart has been very successful. For who a small notion of the map has the least, this is a nonsense, still more for knowing that Canada is also in another continent. Many people say that they do not need to know mathematics, therefore, she does not go to be engineer, or that they do not need to learn the Portuguese with perfection, therefore, she does not go to be writer. thoughts on the topic. In this context also the map of the world is incased, and when asked if it is necessary to know the map soon says: I do not go to be gegrafo and I do not see usefulness in knowing the localization of the countries.

In fact, it is not necessary to use itself of a map of the world we will carry through simple tasks as, for example, to go to a supermarket or shopping. However, as much in the supermarket, how much in shopping Center, us we consume a infinity of imported products and that the most different countries and continents arrive of. Many times, consuming us, we do not know and nor we have idea of in the distance that the merchandises cover until arriving at Brazil, this notion is passed in them through the simple reading of the map of the world. If to think that the globalization started together with the great navigations, and that the navigations for the world had only started after the domain of the cartography, we can attribute to cartographic science the honor of being one of the protagonists in the globalization process. FINAL CONSIDERAES the research carried through for the Ipsos Institute, and that it was divulged by the magazine Sees, not condiz with the results presented for the carried through quantitative research in schools of the interior of So Paulo. .

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