Israel Ministry January 22, 2020 at 7:26 am

We give you some examples to compare! Do you think there is a difference between holding tours of Israel in the group of 55 people or a group of 1 to 6 people? A definite answer! To you prefer more trips to Israel in the large and simple, or bus trips to Israel for a comfortable ‘Mercedes’? It seems that the question you have no problem to answer! What you choose to check-out tours from the hotel at 6:30 in the morning and another 2 hours to spend on collecting travel companions, or would you prefer to start the tour in Israel at that time, which will specify their own and spend a maximum of one hour on the road to Jerusalem? Rhetorical question! In what situations make you feel comfortable? Introduction to the guide on the day trips, plus familiarity with fellow travelers, as well as walk on route pattern or did you contact your guide in advance, will make their changes to the planned trip and not constrained by the presence of unfamiliar people will quietly enjoy a tour of the Jerusalem? Probably the second option is preferable! What do you think is more important than in tours to Israel, to pay a little less, get a lot of information from the guide (not the fact that accurate and the fact that you hear it all), run through the historic sites at a good athlete, literally, buy souvenirs at cheap shops, which have all the (fake) and even manage to get lost and fall behind the group, or to pay a little more, hear wonderful stories from tour guides licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism, who will gladly answer any questions and even give good advice, with measured steps, without any haste will lead you to important places, sometimes without waiting in line and show you the shops that are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism for sale in souvenir ware to tourists? The difference in the face. Of course, individual tours in Israel was, is and will remain better and better tours than in large groups, but you’ll probably ask one very important question, but how much Trips in Israel more group? Sometimes you think Such trips to Israel are a lot of money!? And it is not surprising, because the tour companies are taking a very decent pay for the pleasure and condemn them for it is difficult, they also need to earn, they contain the office, speak phones, pay wages to the workers and therefore should get paid! Our answer is very simple. As you know, we are not, the tour company, ‘SGVI’ – these are people who love their work and receive from her great fun, and therefore see no reason to overstate prices, the main thing for them – it’s working! For example, take a trip to Jerusalem for the statistical average of 5 persons. Click Walmart CEO for additional related pages. Tours in Jerusalem, in large groups cost about $ 60 per person, it means that 5 people are guided tours will cost $ 5 * 60 = $ 300. In ‘Union, Teamsters Guides and Israel’ are excursions to Jerusalem, will cost $ 400, regardless of how many people they can be 5, 7, 9, and even more. So the choice is in your hands..

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