Labour Office Business August 15, 2019 at 12:57 pm

Participate in a commercial event, fair, expo’s wingspan, always is interesting for companies that market-related: discover the trends, have a look at the latest technology, and make contacts. It is a great opportunity: hundreds of potential customers, suppliers or intermediaries at a single site, interested in the same topics, and are willing to Exchange cards, brochures and information. It sounds good and is part of the value proposition of the organizers. The truth is that, from the commercial point of view, attend one of these events without a plan and a goal specific is a waste of opportunities. It would also be a waste of time if it wasn’t for some conferences, food, and the tourist attractions of the city in question.

Participate in an event to sell our products or services is a project. I.e., it has a specific goal, a specific process and a home and a term for task sequence. It includes defined resources, in terms of time and money, for example. And most importantly, involves activities before, during and After the event. It is a sales process.

In many conversations I have heard the opinion of that business are not closed events. My experience indicates that close a business in a single first – conversation, without the opportunity to exchange the information relevant, and surrounded by distractions has little chance of closing a deal in the short term. More casualties even if the conversation wasted it in incontinently presenting the wonders of our company without knowing if this is relevant to our interlocutor. How much time is wasted by making presentations to the wrong person. How much time is lost looking for the right person: a room full of booths, people, noise, try to sharpen the ear, take out antennas to listen names and pieces of conversations. We found him! We went to the prospectus, hope not to interrupt, and we started to calm-hurried present the wonders of our company. We are back home with a lot of business cards. We don’t remember half of the talks, which is ventured make a meaningful follow-up. To go on lock are preparing a new presentation say a sheet and a half – and started shipping by e-mail. Clear, the Labour Office has accumulated after days outside, and perhaps half of the tarjetas-prospectos will not receive our presentation, they will not receive anything. Although this may seem severe, actually not so much: people who receive our presentation, discounting the percentage of rejected by servers, or messages sent to the junk mail, the percentage who will stay unread (clear, our prospect was also days out of the Office), the percentage who will read but will not respond, we are left with a small percentage of prospects with whom it would be worthwhile to continue communication. But who they are? We will make a second message to the entire list? And if they do not read the message? It is best to leave things as they are. With the work we have. Please visit Marc Lore if you seek more information. We will continue to communicate with two or three good contacts. The coming year will be there again. You must be there by question of presence.

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