Leading Andrew March 21, 2020 at 7:02 pm

I get up with his foot on a shelf in the wall cracks and keep the leading edge. A crowd gathered, watching. Indeed a very attractive sight: crawl ligament, puffing all the light and stop to catch my breath the next fifty meters, and then “cinema” – the men running around! – On the sprint distance at 5000 meters! Spurt, the dome has gone, gone, gone, departed. But flew sideways off the trail, and even on my stomach – because I could not keep the glider in the alignment. The second attempt – a marriage. We understand both, so that can not continue.

First, a couple of runs – and you can die from exhaustion, and secondly – the minute the sun roasts so that the “pan” – it is a soft interpretation of “hell”, and the eyes (even with glasses fourth grade) are tired of such a powerful “light.” Andrew helping to bring the dome, is spread it, leaving Andrew suspension lines. But I notice that Andrew can not cope even with the suspension lines. I ran to him and untangle the lines, dress the brakes, put the “A” series, give the CO, how to compensate, he nods his head in understanding. Raised the front edge, shouting: “Go!”. He went – that is, run, everything is clear. After forty meters – the gap! Uraaa! Here they are – those moments for the sake of it spent so much effort. How beautiful the glider on the background of snow-capped mountains and glaciers! We did it! We take pictures of flying friend, convinced by walkie-talkie in a happy landing.

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