Managing Director May 8, 2023 at 10:11 am

New integrated total solution for machine trading and rental from immediately available Reilingen, deepens 15.10.2010 that friendly cooperation of the two companies, since 2002, was recently in the wake of a strategic cooperation agreement. This has already led to the first results. TopLog, one of the leading industry solutions for machine trading and rental, was expanded functionality for business intelligence and performance management of STAS CONTROL and rounded off with industry-specific analysis cubes, key figures, and reports. It is a fully integrated total solution, which covers all critical processes in the industry and provides users thanks to integrated functionality for companies with sustainable competitive advantages. When it comes to sales and rental of mobile capital goods such as construction and agricultural machinery, forklift trucks, equipment, or aerial work platforms, the Logis GmbH with the ERP system is TopLog choice. 20 years of experience in the Trade as well as in the hire of machinery and movable assets in the development of TopLog incorporated. The purchasing, warehouse, trade (parts and machines) and specially designed workshop, installation and rental management were matched together with users down to the detail on the industry.

For the strategic planning and management of the logistics management information system was realized with help of STAS CONTROL. In this, all relevant control data are merged, allowing, for example, rental Park analysis, utilization rates, viewing the behavior of rent as well as workshops and customer analyses systematically, efficiently and comfortably manage. If it’s several hundreds or thousands devices at different locations, requires more than the gaze out of the window to determine what is the utilization rate “, says Peter Goddertz, Managing Director of the Logis GmbH. STAS control, we could very much less expensive and more professional all necessary dice, reports and key figures provide, as this would have been possible with an own creation. The result of community development is convincing in my opinion.

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