Mechanisms May 21, 2020 at 1:02 am

What it takes in them to understand the mechanisms that support the processes of the interaction it enters the individuals in hardwired social microssituaes. In this way, the social life if develops in its daily from relations face the face, submitted and regulated in a set of previous cultural experiences lived deeply by the individuals that they use in its meeting, in which the individuals if they find gifts physically, they develop its behaviors, they interpret and they answer to the excessively participant actions of involved ones, thus the embarrassment feeling, plays, an important paper in the envolvement of the actors with values and existing conventions in the social organization. We see as soon as: ‘ ‘ It is not probably in mere historical accident that the word person, in its first meaning wants to say mask … In certain direction, and in the measure where this mask represents the conception that we form of we ourselves the paper who we strengthen in them for arriving to live this nscara is our truer I, what we gostariamos of being ‘ ‘ (PARK apud GOFFMAN, pg 27, 1986). In such a way, the possibility of the embarrassment occurrence becomes the main point of the social life, a time that infuses in its actors the necessity to develop one cotinuo behavior throughout suasw lives each one plays its role in the activity in accordance with human being molding itself the society that is inserted, such feeling possesss one deep moral significance, describing the directed social actor in? to prevent? to minimize possible risks during the interacional process. In the film we perceive that the personage of Lester Burnham, questions this? standards? taxes veladamente, where in the climax of history decide to change e? to run away? of such rules what cause situations of embarrassment in the optics of the others, in the vision of the personage becomes something normal and routine, making with that the personage starts to direct its life in the way that becomes to it happyer. Michael J. Bender oftentimes addresses this issue.

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