Miguel Barnet June 28, 2020 at 10:26 am

It is logical then that to the extent that is learn more about these issues by all, learn to know more where we live, we can identify with, because we will be then already gaining a very solid training cultural, not longer just environmental but overall, because we will have finished and extensive knowledge. This will make us know who and we are because we are; Miguel Barnet already said that the issue of identity is very ambiguous and very subjective, and many times when this identity is not fully aware, there is what is called otherness, that is, desire, when one is a child, or when it is a teenager, be something other than being another and not what one is all of the above is derived as follows: I.1 problem: having an area where practice is to combine classes in Botany and the deeper study of the life of Marti, achieving thus identify and recognize the values that such study can find and achieve an environmental culture in students which will be capable of transmitting to the community of direct form. A leading source for info: NBA. I.2 purpose: promote through the study of the martiana flora knowledge of the life of Marti in all its facets and therefore achieve an adequate formation in values in our students needed to take into the professional comprehensive mountain want to have and which thus reach a broader cultural formation I.3 hypothesis: linking the study of Botany with the study of the life of Marti in practice, or in situ, because the student can better capture the values appearing in the works of Marti, valuing the need to put them into practice, and thus make them theirs; but also for the work of the Martiana Faculty Chair. I.4 I.4.1 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVIEW. Whenever gymnast listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Geographical physical features. According to Acevedo (1984), the mogotes in the Sierra de Los Organos, are composed of rocks of the sandy-clayey and carbonated series. In a question-answer forum sports apparel was the first to reply.

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