Minor License January 16, 2019 at 4:41 pm

Next we granted information to you about the utility that has the license to lead when dealing with insuring cars: You never leave your license. If you get to have an accident and you do not take your license to lead at the hand, you will have to guarantee the damage that you caused or to go to your house by your license. Regularly the insurers of cars ask that you have your effective license, only some protect to you if this one is won, but accounts with most probable her are not than the insurances of cars do not respond before the wreck. In case of misleading the license. If you told on your effective license but you have become lost it, you must go to the offices of transit or unit, where you transacted your license, and ask that they send an antecedent to you of which you counted on your license to lead.

To where going. If unit where your driving licence was transacted is missing person, you must go to the secretary of transports or the offices of transit. It remembers that one of the main requirements, stipulated in the insurance policy, is that you must have your license to lead suitable to the type of automobile that you handle (particular or public). Drivers of public transport. If you are driver of pubic transport, you must have the appropriate license for the type of vehicle that you lead. The majority of the insurances for requests you to cars that you have your driving licence according to the regulation of transit of the state where you are, are few the insurers of cars that they protect to you if accounts with a type of license different from the car which you handle. Drivers of load transport.

If you are a driver of truck, trailer or bus, they ten present that the insurance agencies will demand a federal license to you at the time of making the contract of the insurance policy of cars. Minor conductors. In the case that the conductor is minor and has undergone a wreck, the insurance of cars is forced to respond as long as the beneficiary counts on his driving licence, that would be the equivalent to the driver’s license. Foreign motorists. Companies of insurances of cars exist that accept licenses to lead of other countries in the proceeding of the insurance policy, nevertheless, this type of licenses only will allow you to drive particular cars, are not been worth stops: trucks, buses taxis, et cetera. So that you avoid the frictions with the insurers of cars, we always suggested to take a copy of the license within the vehicle, this will allow you to make agile the claim of the wreck, and in case of it to have misled it will help you to request the antecedent in the offices you transacted where it. Another document that we recommended to take in copy is the insurance policy of vehicles, this one also will be to you of much utility in case of a wreck. With information of: Insuring of cars

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