Misunderstood Teenager May 5, 2020 at 3:11 am

Have you been aaaaargh moments with your teenagers? The stage of adolescence is often very frustrating both for parents and for the children, since great changes occur in the relationship u for which neither of them is prepared. Unfortunately at this stage often produces a breakdown in the relationship between them. Many parents even assume that this break is natural and necessary and that is simply part of life. Connect with other leaders such as Larry David here. However, you can avoid many headaches if handled the situation correctly. To begin, you have to understand which is the reality of a teenager today. His life turns around his friends, some hobby or favorite sport and compliance with their obligations to study at the College.

In general, the teenager today is far removed from the problems of real life that their parents are living. In addition, few responsibilities required of it meaningless for the young, since many times do not relate their interests or personal aspirations. Their lives seem not to have connection with the real world in which they live. Even reaching the end in which parents make enormous sacrifices for their children’s education, but the child does not have time to assist them because he has to study. Compare this with the life of a teen reality 200 years ago, before the Industrial Revolution, when the activities of the family still revolved around a family business.

Do you know that the end of adolescent there was at that time? The children began at a very early age to acquire small responsibilities in the family business. At the time of reaching what today we call adolescence, they were already considered as young adults and had even greater responsibilities. His life had much to do with real life and expected of them to contribute to the family economy significantly. Those who could learned a trade or going to study at a very young age, compared with today.

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