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Seat in the car was regulated in the horizontal and vertical directions. The location of instruments, levers and pedals ergonomically justified. They are located in areas convenient and easily accessible. In a closed cab had air conditioning, but the customer in hot conditions of the cockpit could be replaced by a simple but sturdy frame, ensuring safety of the driver during a rollover of the tractor, because of its weight in running order was 61 236 kg. Apart from dozing model 31 could perform a number of additional functions. To do this, back it had a standardized mount attachments, driven by hydraulically. It could be a , cultivator and more.

FL9 – representative of a different "occupation": a versatile tracked loader. The engine is the same as in Model 8 bulldozers, power 87 hp, and the design is the same. For example, the engine, gearbox and differential housed in separate sumps, like a bulldozer, that's only in the transmission had three forward and three – ago. The rest of the loader and bulldozers on the lungs designs were very similar. Such unification covers virtually the entire range of tracked vehicles FIAT-ALLIS, which favorably affected their costs and maintainability. Like a bulldozer models, 8 loader FL9 equip closed or open cab. True, in the back there was a device which allows to install additional equipment, like the big machines.

We specifically give a picture of this truck with open cab and fixed rear excavator – the company offers customers an infinite number of options for tracked vehicles. But the front could be established more and buckets of various shapes and purposes – for bulk cargo, or rocky soil. In addition to tracked bulldozers and forklifts offers about 20 basic variants of crawler excavators with capacity from 9 to 44.4 m. The smallest excavator was S9, but even for this model requires five removable buckets of different shapes and hung cock. Main engine power was 79 hp On the chassis of the tractor company manufactures and pipe-laying (the maximum boom length of 12 m and the capacity 60 000 kg) pipe trucks, dispensers, pipe welder and tracked vehicles for special purposes. In a word, tracked vehicles FIAT-ALLIS can be used in solving various problems.

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