Moscow Children January 13, 2020 at 8:02 pm

And our time is strongly dictated by the need for new, non-standard, innovative recreation, programs that work with our fatigue (and fatigue of our century is not so much physical as psycho-emotional), helping us to restore the internal energy and restore the joy of existence. Such a holiday – a straight road to successful social realization. In order to accumulate external (money, recognition, power, ) should not forget to accumulate inside. And such a vacation – a recipe for a happy childhood of those dear to us. To divide the joy of a child, to hear and understand it, we should have on an internal resource. Of course, in such programs need and our children.

Suffice it to recall only one important point: how to wake up kids, those who have not yet entered into the society and its laws, regulations, compliance requirements, commitments and conventions. They wake up happy and widely having opened eyes, happy day started taking its fully ready to meetings with all that is this world. And as we wake up with you already, or even our younger offspring? In the best case – with the calm realization that getting up is necessary. Of course, happen to us joyous moments of awakening and willingness to act. But, unfortunately, the exceptions only prove the rule. So, with the growth of our children absorb the those rules that dictates the world, changing and adjusting to them, their inner space, adjusting for conventional measurements for their individual selves. Is there any chance to help our children meet, without breaking, growing, not losing, to grow without changing itself? Should be. Our task, demonstrating due attention to his inner state, to create, organize a holiday for children, such programs to all the senses, the data man by nature, developed in our children is one and fully, without distortions, with undue dominant something. To clarify his idea, stop at one of the many issues in this sphere: we are actively changing world has led to the fullest extent that we interact with them in peace, through the organs of vision. at this hearing, smell, touch. , they gradually atrophy.

A congestion of the organs of vision causes serious health problems (ranging from the very organs of vision, and then – on a chain), ending the restriction of our awareness, our possibilities. It’s like having two legs, we are beginning to use only one. How far is it uskachem on it? And knowing this, should not we, adults, make sure to specially designed recreation programs, wisely, delicately and beautifully aligned Inner-tours, to support our children and help them adapt to the adult world without losing the opportunities granted by nature? Interesting and vital tasks. And they must decide right now! Program follows the methodology of many well-known authors, aimed at a comprehensive solution dubbed the problems successfully in Moscow in the framework of the “Inner-tourism” (). All programs are effective and accessible to people of any physical training.

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