Moskovsky Komsomolets January 8, 2019 at 3:48 pm

Why does this happen? “Perhaps no one school subject we do not have such a ‘non’ books, as the history of the Fatherland. Rewrite it regularly, “- says the publication of” Moskovsky Komsomolets “, and it’s true. Over time, such as my school was replaced by many textbooks on national history, many of which our teachers are advised not even open. I wonder why so many textbooks rewrite, republish? After the last event does not change? All because in many modern textbooks often have the subjective opinion of the facts, rather than objective, which often distorts the proper representation of students of the reality. In my opinion, it should not: not alter the historical facts nor custom, nor on their own, not to paint their opinions – it is not necessarily true. You need to give the fact a particular event, describe it in detail, no holding back, and deal is good or bad – it’s up to each reader. Nor should we give in the book controversial materials.

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