Mount Models February 1, 2016 at 8:33 am

The s models must be loose and spontaneous on camera. now answer with honesty: you stay in the photos? There are very beautiful people in person who does not photograph well; However there are models not so attractive are spectacular what these category your? above 4.Tolerar the rejection of this is very important, since you’re trying to sell you as a product, for the same reason a simple No, or not you are what we seek can be overwhelming!. However should not be so, the professional models are accustomed to rejection and now see it as part of the profession. And is that, although all initially were left dazzled by a no, have already grasped the reality: no girl by bella make it is not ideal for all types of work.Another tip from the professionals: get used to the scrutiny of photographers, makeup artists, agents (agencies and schools of models) they will study looking for you the most insignificant defect and not to be measured to point out it. 5.

The exercise and sports if you know how to play tennis, swim, or you are a good rider fantastic! you never know when a photographer you are going to ask that you mountains on horseback!, for example if you are a good athlete, you could receive more offers of employment than a beautiful model, but incapable of climbing Mount everest (although doubt things get so far) a warning never lie.If you do and stay bad it is almost a guarantee that will not hire you. 6. Reading and not ask him by asking if not for that really matter, the model must have intellectual curiosity since she plans to what is inside. That’s why there are so many pretty faces but empty, which don’t say anything out of series Fortunately, that profession is good teacher, since the girls travel from one country to another and know interesting people; photographers, makeup artists, disenadoresy do other models tienne many things that share with you 7.Actitud financial Eres a comprarlo – all compulsive, you can’t manage your money?.If you want to be a model and take economic advantage to the race, controls that trend. This race as in the case of athletes does not last forever, a girl usually works 10 years in it and then you must find other things to do and we don’t say it because its beauty opaque tastes change and the look of today is not what is buscara within 10 years for example: in the 1950s loved the voluptuousness of Marylin Moroe, but the 60, flaquisima Twiggy was the sensation of the moment and all the girls wanted to be skeleton.Modelling can allow you to enjoy some glamour years, saves money and bring you valuable experiences.

-Other a requirements model should know moved with the elegance of a ballerina, change of expression as a good actress and images as an expert of beauty (castings models and actors). In addition you must have confidence in itself. Do you think that too much to ask, and it will never fill these requirements?. Not suffer, because tu can learn all this. If you have the qualities physical and psychological that we mentioned earlier, and develop that just read you have a lot in its favor and if you propose it, it is almost certain that you win.If you pass the test, go to the Agency of your choice and already started your career.

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