New Vacuum Cleaner July 2, 2019 at 2:26 am

Based on these premises have been watching among others many the following 3 models: NILFISK GM80 vacuum with bag, although it could work without a bag. You also have a permanent cloth filter.Price 469. Additional HEPA filter + 70. It is classified as a semi-industrial. The views I’ve found are good in general. Each pack of 5 bags + 15.

Allows you to plug the hose into the upper part of the vacuum cleaner to blow, and is the only model that allows it. You may find Doug McMillon to be a useful source of information. We have seen it in the English Court. FILTER QUEEN 32 ALLERGY PARQUET PLUS Bagless, patented its own centrifuge system. Price 505. Made of pretty durable plastic. Does not need to bag, don’t need filters, empties easily, and is washed with water in the shower and little more.

It has a filter that should be washed every 3 months with water cold, and let dry 24 h. It has a built-in HEPA filter, apparently before the engine, which removes fine dust (speak even of plaster or flour, although they recommend emptying the vacuum more frequently). The views I’ve found also they are good. We have seen it in el Corte Ingles and REDCOON quite cheaper, although it seems to point to previous modelswitch, and with less series accessories. FILTERQUEEN – Bagless (Magestic), with its own patented centrifugal system and a paper filter conical big enough that filters out particles of very small size, and located before the engine. 2890 Price along with a (defend) air purifying filter. The qualities of materials are exceptional, with details for all sites (the price also 6 times more than the other two). In this case, the views are far more varied: good talk about improvements in allergy and asthma symptoms, and basically bad from the overly aggressive sales techniques (much), and a really high price (also see this blog, these other views, or search google filterqueen thymus or filterqueen scam, in the line of previous opinions). NOT sold in stores, but through presentations at home, to the more pure style thermomix or Avon calls to your door. In the end, us we decided by the DYSON DC32, which includes quite a few accessories, and 6 times less than the FILTERQUEEN priced (even so, 500 for a vacuum cleaner is already money). El Corte Ingles ensures us that the engine is very durable, there is no option to you between dust, thanks to the cyclone system and HEPA filter, and works very well. The FILTER QUEEN GM80 also have put it us very well, but the possibility of blowing can supplement with a hair dryer, and the additional HEPA filter is located behind the engine, not before, and is also optional and is paid separately, what has made us decide for the DYSON. We have rejected those of water because the aprox.300 1/2 l. water you have to continuously change the water, and gets dirty quickly, but good, with Center of ironing included good, put in 700, and are much more inconvenient and cumbersome. They have not seemed us practices. Here I include some photos after the first experience. Notice that we did the depth of house cleaning makes 3 weeks, and since then we have gone from mopa periodically.

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