Non-Healthy Sports May 13, 2020 at 5:48 am

The values of boldness, patience, respect, humility, sacrifice and overcoming that has always embodied the sport are on the eve of the Olympic Games in Beijing more perverted than ever. Since antiquity, all peoples and civilizations have yielded a special devotion to the man’s physical activity and sport, which is not but the competitive form of that. Speed racing, not bloody confrontations with weapons or objects thrown, whose only reward for the winner was an olive branch have gone to observe with astonishment and some shame the millions of dollars that a sportsman WINS only in concept of image rights. Sport has become a global phenomenon, seen by all mankind, and that moves vast amounts of money. Today, the wealth, the public image, fame and the obsessive quest for the triumph, have become elite sport and many of those who practice it and directed in an unhealthy example for young people.

Success representing professional athletes it has become a lure for many young people with desire to succeed and achieve popularity and money quickly. Parents are often accomplices, when not tyrants who want at all costs to see their hopes and failures made in their children. Also the public authorities, who have encouraged unhealthy practices in adolescents in order obtain sporting triumphs that support his political ambitions. If a child takes 5 hours a day to help in the family business, parents would be committing an offence. But if another child of the same age, spends ten hours a day in a gym acquiring muscles and improving your sport technique, it would cause general admiration. The organization Save the Children has been revealed in its latest report that this situation tends to give increasingly more frequently in all countries. The host of this year’s Olympic Games is one of the States that most violate Olympic philosophy and spirit. China has prepared with Spartan methods to an army of athletes whose only vital purpose is the achievement of a metal that hung from the neck.

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