Office Automation August 18, 2019 at 10:33 pm

Only the particular link connections are configured. With a platform of wiring, the life cycles of the elements that compose a corporate office cease to be so important. Equipment innovations will always find a wiring structure which – without major problems – you can receive them. A corporate building life cycles are so divided: the building structure: 40 years of Office Automation: 1-2-3 years telecommunications: 3-5 years management of building: 5-7 years location and troubleshooting is simplified since problems can be detected at the centralized level. Using a physical topology in Star becomes possible to configure different logical topologies in ring, both bus simply reconfiguring connections centrally.

ADVANTAGES of a system of wiring STRUCTURED a system wiring structured is an open architecture design since it is independent of the information that is transmitted through. It is also reliable because it is designed with a star topology, which in case of a damage or disconnection, these are limited only to the party or damaged section, and does not affect the rest of the network. In ancient, systems based on ethernet CardBus, when there was a fall, the entire network was inoperative. Spend resources in a single structure of wiring, and not several (as in buildings with wiring conventional). In case of upgrade or changes in enterprise systems, changes only the TC and not all cables from the structure of the building modules. Prevents break walls for change circuits or wires, which also causes temporary closures or discomfort at the site of work. A wiring system structured allows you to move personnel from one place to another, or add services to be transported across the network without the need to incur high cost of recabling.

The only way to achieve this is laying the cables of the building with more rosettes of connection that will be used at a given time. Economical. The high cost of a full installation wiring makes prevent changes to the extent possible. Often requires the modification of power lines, a new projection of works in the building, etc. While the software components (network operating systems, installations of software on clients, etc.) are easily updatable, the physical components require quite a few changes. Do you need advice or a SCS? Comunicate with goes-IT.

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