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Passed two years, the parents had been to search the two sisters. Before coming back, they had visited that city of the dreams of Tarsila: Paris. When arriving of the Europe, in 1904, it was married Andres Teixeira Pink Young chicken prime of its mother. Soon the first marriage of the artist arrived at the end. The cultural difference of the couple was great.

The husband if opposed to the artistic development of Tarsila, that if separated and obtained the cancellation of the marriage years later. After to break up itself, starts to study sculpture. To the 31 years it only started to learn the painting techniques with Peter Alexandrino Borges. Later, it studied with the German George Fischer Elpons. In 1920, it was to study in the Academy Julian (particular school of plastic arts) in the city of Paris. In 1922, it participated of the Official Hall of the Artists of France, using in its workmanships the techniques of the cubismo.

In January of 1923, Tarsila returned for Europe and had contact with some on artists and writers to the European modernista movement. In return Paris, studied with the cubistas artists: it frequentou the Academy of Lhote, it knew Pablo Picasso and one became friend of painter Fernand Lger, visiting the academy of this master of the cubismo, of who Tarsila it conserved, mainly, the smooth painting technique and certain influence of the legeriano shaped one. It was married Oswald de Andrade in 1926 e, in the same year, carried through its first individual exposition, in the Gallery Percier, in Paris. In 1928, Tarsila paints the Abaporu, whose name of aboriginal origin means ' ' man who eats meat humana' ' , workmanship that originated the Antropofgico Movement, idealized for its husband. The Anthropophagy considered the digestion of foreign influences, as in the ritual cannibal (where if devora the enemy with the belief of being able itself to absorb its qualities), so that the national art gained a feio more Brazilian.

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