Pay Pal October 15, 2019 at 9:11 pm

The S in the end indicates that it is a secure site. Also note if at foot of page, your browser shows the image of a closed padlock or a key, this indicates that you are on a secure connection. It is also an indicator the motto Secure Socket Layer (SSL). 6 Conditions. Learn well the conditions of procurement or purchase of the product. Companies are obliged to provide this information if you have any doubts contact them.

You should find out about what happens if you have to return the product, who pays shipping costs, if there are geographic restrictions on deliveries, forms of payment, etc. 7. Learn and read. Please read carefully the privacy policy and site security. All companies that offer their services on the Internet must explain what is your privacy policy and what they will do with our personal data. 8.

Discretion, not give more data. When buying, be cautious and discreet, provides the minimum amount of personal data. Clearly there is information such as your name and your address which are necessary for the purchase. But it is common to request you more data (such as consumer habits, telephone numbers, intimate data, etc.) this information is usually use for commercial purposes. Never answer a question that you think inappropriate for your purchase, if require you it as binding, seeks another place where to buy the product. 9 Pay. The online payment has the same risk as purchases by phone or catalog. The safest way is the payment on delivery, working with money in cash. In the absence of this option, you can pay with card or minipagos as Pay Pal systems. The risk of the card is to expose our number in a network such as the Internet, so it is necessary to check that the connection is secure. Fortunately increasingly more banks implement new security systems (passwords for Internet payment) that impede that anyone who has our card number can make payments by the network. Either way, it is good to check all these extremes. 10 Copies. At the end of the purchase process, should appear a page that summarizes your purchase or even a confirmation email will be sent to you. He keeps copies of these supporting documents for the operations that you’ve done. They will be your receipt and a test in the event that that claim. You can also print the page in which appears the company information. Archives this information until the end of the warranty period.

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