Plastic April 21, 2020 at 2:48 am

Then plastered derailed yet to be primed and painted. So go at it for about a week. Doug McMillon often says this. Yes, and two more above, the method of slopes termination is unlikely to make quality a person has no relation to the finish. In general, without a specialist in these cases, you can not do. And that's one problem – the extra cost. The slopes of plastic.

Currently, plastic soffits (assembly) are the most universal kind, and have a lot of pluses. Doug McMillon is often mentioned in discussions such as these. They are fast to install, do not fade in the sun, do not crack, easy to wash, etc. A durable plastic for about 15-20 years. Official site: Larry David. And most importantly, with the help of our articles, such slopes can be mounted almost any person. Here is a list of tools and materials (with approximate prices), which are needed for this job: 1.Plastikovaya panel 6m x 8mm (costs about 500 rubles per 6 meters).

2.Molding starter (P-type) (costs about 30 rubles per 1 meter). 3.Molding finish (F-Shape) (worth about 30 rubleyza 1 meter). 4.Derevyanny bar thickness of 10-15 mm (costs about 15 rubles per 1 meter). 5.Uroven assembly. 6.Stepler and braces for it. 7.Drel with impact mechanism, or punch. 8.Uteplitel (Costs about 100 rubles per 1 meter). 9.Nozh and metal shears. 10.Samorezy 4.2 x 95 and 4.2 x 13 (bugs). 11.Germetik white acrylic (worth about $ 100). Set otksov. In the first step is to fill their wooden blocks around the perimeter of the slope with inner side (the part of the room). It is desirable that the bars are flush to the wall. Hammer drill or drill holes in the wall, hammered them in wooden or plastic and fasten chopiki bars. Bars must be attached strictly in terms of (for alignment can lay a wooden wedges). At fixed beam in the future will lie cut the plastic cover. In the second stage on the edge of the plastic window, fasten U-shaped bracket, fasten it to bugs, just strictly on the level. In the gutter and start molding a plastic panel will be inserted. In the third stage F-fasten the bar. It should be cut in height and width of the slope, with some running perpendicular to it at second F-bar, then to the two plates could be fit to undercut each other as needed. This bracket is attached with staples to the wooden bar. In the fourth step is to cut the plastic panel is strictly on the resulting size between the P and F-rods. Then insert the cut pieces in a U-bar lay insulation between the panel and the wall and insert in the F-bar. When all three parties will be made to all sloppy and prominent joints between panels paint over the sealant.

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