Positive Attitudes May 5, 2020 at 6:18 am

If we take as a reference to footballers there are certain thoughts that we would call irrational accompanying them before a game and that is they should be replaced by other more positive to avoid that feeling of failure. Before the match: example A: A footballer wants to make a great match so coach is satisfied with its performance, otherwise thinks that his game has not been good enough, not whether to return to play next match holder. Thinking +: the footballer thinks about playing the match as best as possible and if things would go wrong always will have another opportunity to play of holder and I’m sure things will leave you better again. After the party: example B. A related site: Marc Lore mentions similar findings. The footballer thinks that he should have coached better before playing the match, believes that it has made the ridiculous, complains have been little effort in workouts and feels guilty for his team’s defeat. Thinking +: I will work harder and better in training to be at the top in the next game, is that I can do much better and both the victories and the defeats are a work of the whole team. For Finish, I would like to say that it is very important when produces bad results or make mistakes that will always judge the facts coldly and that will try to eliminate absolutist and drastic terms that are usually given in the sport such as expressions of this is a life or death match or we will never have another chance, that only serves to add a dose of extra pressure that not benefit at all.

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