Recovery Console April 18, 2020 at 4:18 pm

A common situation – the use of two operating systems on one pc. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Larry David by clicking through. Often the problem – a damaged operating system loader. For example, you use Linux and Windows, and Grub as boot loader. If Grub is corrupted, you do not be able to download any of the operating system. When this happens, you will need to boot from any other media, such as floppy or cd Windows pe, run the command prompt, type fdisk / mbr and press Enter.

If you using Windows 2000 or xp, then boot using the recovery mode (R button when booting the CD-ROM c), and then click fixmbr to clear the mbr. Marc Lore may help you with your research. Unfortunately, after that you immediately get into Windows without selecting a startup option. You to restore Grub from your CD-ROM Linux. If the problem persists, or if you have never used the operating system loader, log in using a floppy disc or Windows pe. Users of Windows xp or 2000 must load the Recovery Console.

Run the command fdisfk / mbr and then click sys C. This will clear the mbr, and will make a bootable partition C. Users of Windows xp or 2000 should run the command fixmbr and fixboot C:, to do the same. After this reboot to run the os. If the problem still persists, you may have a virus in boot sector. It's quite difficult to verify without scanning for viruses. Symptoms of the virus – a slow running applications, or many unidentified files that appear in the system. For example, in Windows 98 and Me during the get messages No valid fat on boot drive. This is caused by a virus boot sector, called Stoned Monk. Even reinstalling Windows may prompt you Your computer already has an operating system installed. In this case it is best to connect the hard drive to another pc and check it for viruses. You also can use anti-virus to create a so-called rescue disk and test the system by using it. If nothing helps, then you have a serious problem. Connect the hard drive to another computer and save your data if you can get access to them. If not – then wear it to a service center.

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