Related Web Catalog May 6, 2023 at 2:02 pm

Related Web catalog are still important external links from other websites are the guarantee of success for good ranking in Google and other search engines, especially if it becomes apparent that here close to the topic and relevance for linking are crucial. This realization is not new, but in times of increasing quality control on the part of the search engines it is been doubted that Web catalogs can perceive even this task of improving the rankings. The reason for the doubt is understandable: in the past too little attention to the quality and the theme is respected and that is why Google and co. have made massive devaluations. But who pays attention on the quality of the Web catalog and also ensures that preferred links by topic-Middle pages of Web catalogs come, which is need to worry to the promotion of the rankings for its Web pages.

What are Web directories? Web catalogs or Web directories are lists of Web sites that are thematically grouped ideally. Very known is, for example, for search engine optimization the Web catalogue DMOZ, where one has the right to prepare large portions of the Internet in editorially-led lists. Can be recognised the high PageRank, the relevance of this web catalogue of both is noticeable for the overview page for the topic-related subpages. From the high PageRank, you can see that Google assigns a relevance to this Web catalog. Links from the DMOZ directory are so good for search engine optimization, in particular when the link from the bottom of a topic, which is related in a comprehensible manner to the subject matter of the linked website.

Generally can’t determine the quality of the Web catalog but not in the PageRank alone. What is the relevance of the topic? For each topic, a Web presence can not usually offer good content. Important topics are in a few keywords underscored that every now and then be picked up on all pages of the website. An extension of the theme environment is possible in the course of time, but slowly unfolds. Can the subject matter of the own websites in terms of keywords through Google Webmaster Tools can be fixed. A topic-Middle Web catalog are those keywords in the description of the linking page. Is linked to the own Web presence and an important keyword in the text of the link shows up, then Google and co. so well on the relevance of topic the Web presence and the linking can close. Many external links in the course of time come on slowly and naturally, then a good basis for the ranking in the thematic keywords is to be expected.

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