Representatives August 5, 2018 at 9:26 am

Maybe this is the answer to the above described case. Science is aware that some animals are able to see what can not see the human eye. They are more receptive to the energy shell of the body. These animals include cats, as the most sensitive animals, more dogs, snakes and mice. These Representatives are able to feel the positive and negative energy, as well as public places of this energy. Many stories of ghosts turn out to be, to put it mildly, inadequate. Often psihoissledovateli discover that the events attributed to the activities of ghosts, in fact, have a completely natural explanation.

It is easy to understand why in the past, people firmly believed in ghosts, – because they did not have sufficient scientific knowledge about the nature of certain phenomena. Today, researchers often say that people who learn that their "ghost" was actually just a gust of wind or running water, suffer more disappointment than relief. The impression is that people want to believe in ghosts, no matter what the evidence. Poltergeist. Quite apart from there ghosts poltergeist phenomena. Typically, a phenomenon poltergeists takes place in the presence of adolescents aged 12 to 16 years, why is this happening! According to one theory, the human brain in this age produces a kind of energy that is the source of the poltergeist. Researchers call this power psychokinesis – pk – that is, the ability to move objects without touching them. Consequently ghosts here at anything, and we deal only with the side effects psychokinetic activity.

In the world as well known for various fortune-tellers, magicians and psychics. In the nineties the psychics were very popular, they ratirovali on television, they collected the stadiums. Now we know, many of them were charlatans who have not had any public capacity. Others on the contrary, were able to own a pc and display the wonders of human capabilities with the power of thought, because in everyday life we use only 2% of his brain, and the remaining 98% are from rest. Those who know how to use them can call themselves an extraordinary man. As for predictions, then all global events in this world tend to repeat, but with a certain periodicity. So Pugachev predicted a decline of Russian power, yes, it happened, but happened twice: in 1917 and 1991. This prediction can be attributed to one and to another date. But what exactly he had in mind, we do not know. Concluding we can say that in Anyway people can get to see what is actually there. ufo history of mankind is full of stories about unidentified flying objects. Reported on the meetings with extraterrestrials, on the unknown crop circles, the birth extraterrestrial children of a female egg fertilization by sperm alien, you see, it looks absurd and ridiculous. Argued that aliens exist exactly impossible, although in our own galaxy billions stars, and somewhere there is intelligent life, but this has not proved So, summing up the general conclusion, I will say one thing to believe in all the world to be very careful, any phenomenon can be explained by science, and this is scientific knowledge, explaining this or that property of nature, matter, substance. Yes, we are not yet fully explored the world around us, it will be done in front of us, it is now for us – an unscientific knowledge, the paranormal.

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