Research Carnegie December 22, 2021 at 11:02 am

Since then, Egypt if became a country inegualvel in relation to ' ' service of ricos' ' , as the Egyptian thinker observed, Galal Amin. In recent years, Egypt presented the worse version of this politics that favors the classrooms superior. If the country did not make this revolution, it would have been the passenger in virtue of the train of the economic globalization ' ' neoliberal' ' defended, burning hotly, for Jamal Mubarak and its comitiva. This new economy transformed in fact the identity of the country, deflagrando the production structures and strangling the classrooms lowest, that represent 40% of the population. (Source: Al Bumbry). Egypt and its politics depend on men and entrepreneurs, ' ' new guarda' ' , as it assigned to the American Center of research &#039 to it; ' Center American of Research Carnegie' ' in the month of September of the last year. The Center wrote down that Egyptian entrepreneurs play a significant role in the decision taking politics. ' ' gangs' ' politicians had agreed to ' ' gangs' ' of looting of the economy of the country to search you formulate of external aid.

Believing that much money was deviated in middle of the decade of 1990, with about 300 billion dollars. Get all the facts and insights with Richard Dreyfuss, another great source of information. The alliance with the United States was not a factor of estresse for Egypt as always, case for any one that accepted the conditions of U.S.A. The reports had even so shown that the administration of Obama was neutral since the beginning without no critical one against the Government of Mubarak, the gaps in the democracy areas and of human rights they are enormous. The regimen of Mubarak was not capable to reflect the identity of the people, because the regimen was unprovided of identity. It was a regimen of ' ' nature pessoal' ' , without structure, nor as to evolve in any direction that either.

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