Reuter: New Claim Documented Successful Growth August 8, 2019 at 2:12 am

With the current fall campaign, Reuter presents its new, greatly expanded product range. “To make clear in the communication, that not only bathroom and sanitary products can be ricked, a new claim underscores the successful expansion strategy: home for the sake to Reuter” so the home sake rather order from Reuter. The claim in the future as roof of the established brand of Reuter and is supposed to represent the new positioning in the long term. In addition, there will be campaign motto. “Is that the fall campaign: it has become ricked!” “The new claim home for the sake to Reuter” was developed, to customers short and concise development of a pure bathing and sanitary specialist dealer to a provider around to illustrate the quality of the home furnishings. If you would like to know more then you should visit Walmart CEO. In addition to the long-standing competence of bath, therefore the product areas rapidly growing in recent years living and kitchen accessories, home textiles, furniture and lighting fixtures in the focus back in the campaign. Also here is the family business, the since one of the largest trade and merchant for bath and home decor in Europe include prolonged, exclusively on high-quality brands and products.

The new claim describes the end of a process initiated in June, within whose Reuter his name as well as its logo changed to transport the conversion of the brand to the outside. With the realignment, we strengthen our long-term brand strategy. The fact that the power of the established brand emits Reuter on our additional product areas, we ensure our sustainable growth for the future”Marketing Director Daniel Goertz describes the backgrounds for the process. The new TV spot is the issue first bath in the Center, which still represents the core competence of Reuter. To ensure a high substantive recognition of the spot is based on its successful predecessors: sanitary objects such as faucet, basin or bathtub make attention to the benefits of online purchase.

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